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And now a break from superficial babble, macros, and link sharing. If you have difficulty reading or you get offended at the drop of a hat, ignore this post.

Every year this time, there's always this term that pops up. "War on Christmas." The thing is that people who claim this seem to not understand that th war was not only fought and over, but religion pretty much lost.

Allow me this explanation.

The war started in 1931. The place, the Coca-Cola headquarters in the USA. And the man responsible? Haddon Sundblom. Mr. Sundblum was hired by thr company for a Christmas advertising campaign. Up until this point, Santa was usually a nominally framed man in a bishop's robe, or a gaunt elf. Sometimes even a Norseman wearing the trappings of a hunter. This was changed with a few hours. And Coke have reinvented Santa into a fat, bearded man in red and white clothing. This single event is what started the war because here commercialism sneaked into Christmas, and no one seemed to care.

And bit by bit the consumerism seeped in. We were subjected to the blitz of advertising around the holidays, targeted really to children, and women who think they need huge diamonds as a display of their lover's affections. Then, shoppers were targeted when commercial outlets started the tradition of Black Friday and later Cyber Weekend/Monday. And lastly with all the advertising, the people who seem to claim there's a War on Christmas have devolved into creatures little better than early man when it comes to Christmas shopping.

And the winner of this war?

The Commercial sector.

Christmas is one of the biggest reasons a family will go into debt. Western society has succumbed to the idea that a good Christmas is one in which you can give the most expensive and/or impressive gift, regardless if you had to sell your soul, two kidneys, and your left foot for that surround sound speaker set that makes your should leap off it's foundations any time the volume is cranked higher than 10. And the worse thing is, the children to whom the buyers try to impress. Sure your 7 year old will be delighted with the wonderful gadgets you get him, but in the end, the shiny factor wears out and those things become cast aside, taking up room, forgotten, and ultimately either broken from misuse and neglect, or fodder for a thrift store.

The war on Christmas was lost long ago. Religion, for the most part, is not really in it anymore. The spirit of goodwill is crushed in the rush of shoppers fighting for electronics or squashed as people camp in front of stores on Thanksgiving, in hopes to grab a bargain; screw spending time with the family.

No one is taking Christ out of Christmas. No one is secularizing it. It's done. And you idiots who buy into the commercialism and the pressure, and the debt, are really just casualties of that war. You people are living in a fantasy where you allow that consumerism to lurk in the back, like a nasty little imp, and dictate your overspending and your insane and reckless behaviors. You sold your Christ for a junk and wrapping paper in hopes for a few moments of fleeting adoration. And after all, Christ was not at all happy with the vendors at the temple. How do you think Christ would feel if he were to see that his birthday celebration has not been turned into the debauchery it is today?

This is not to say that gift buying is wrong. It's how, when, and why you buy and gift that is the key. Buy within you means. Buy because you like a person, not because you want something back in return. Don't go into debt with purchases. Be responsible. And keep in your heart that Christmas is not about trees, boxes, and paper, but rather love and goodwill towards your fellow man.

As far as I can tell, Christ left Christmas sometime in the late 1980s. And it wasn't at the hands of Atheists or Agnostics, Jews or Muslims. It was the very people you support and pay. It was the Commercial sector. He wasn't take out by the enemy. He was sold-out by his devotees.

Merry Christmas.

-- Christopher Bezy

It's That Time Again! Kupo's Fund Drive.

I'm still in need for donations for the Kupo Fund.

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Plugging: Kupo's Fund

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April Sage's Day

If April 1st is April Fool's Day, then logically, we should have an April Sage's Day.

To kick this off, how about a list of "facts" that are indeed, foolish to believe in?
  • The Great Wall of China is visible from space with the naked eye.
  • The room known as a vomitorium was used by ancient Romans to regurgitate in after a feast.
  • Cola is a spermicide.
  • Microwaves use nuclear energy to cook food.
  • 420 is police code for marijuana use.
  • The word "Xmas" is a secular attack on Christians.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was small.
  • Earthworms can reproduce by simply being cut in half.
  • Fans that run in your bedroom at night will cause you to asphyxiate.
  • The caduceus is the symbol for medicine.
  • The tongue has zones to distinguish different tastes and flavors.
  • Caffeine stunts growth.
  • Sugar causes hyperactivity in children.
  • Men think about sex every 7 seconds.
  • People only use 10% of their brain.
  • The Big Bang theory explains the origin of the universe.
  • Jesus was born on December 25.
  • MACS are immune to computer viruses.
  • Split-ends can be repaired with an application of X.
  • Hair and nails continue growing when you die.
  • The Daddy Longlegs spider is the most venomous of spiders.
  • Bulls are enraged by the color red.
  • Seasons are caused by the Earth's proximity to the sun.
  • Fuck is an acronym for "Fornication Under Consent of the King."
  • Sushi is raw fish.
  • Searing food seals in moisture.
  • "The Charge of the Light Brigade" records an actual event in World War II.
  • The US Constitution is written on hemp.
  • Vikings wore horned helmets.
  • Nero fiddled while Rome burned.
  • Olive oil in a pot of boiling pasta will prevent the noodles from sticking.
  • Dogs sweat by salivation.
  • Lemmings engage in mass suicide.
  • Mother birds will not tend their young if they have been touched by people.
  • An entire human corpse when cremated, will fit into a small urn.
  • Mrs. O'Leary's cow started the Great Fire of Chicago when it kicked over a lantern.
  • July 4, 1776 is the day the US Declaration of Independence was signed.
Do you know any misconceptions passed off as fact? This, is by no means, a complete list.

And how about some little know facts. Ones that are true?
  • On Giligan's Island, Gilligan's full name was William Gilligan. Skipper's full name was Jonas Grumby. Professor's full name was Dr. Roy Hinkley.
  • Nintendo, the company that brought you the NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, and various incarnations of the GameBoy was founded September 23, 1889. It sold hanafuda cards.
  • Texas and Hawaii were both independent countries before being admitted to the United States.
  • The Magna Carta was never signed by John I
  • The official name of Los Angles is El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula
  • 0.(9) = 1
  • A collective of cats is called a destruction. A collective of crows is called a murder. A collective of unicorns is called a blessing.
  • "Waltzing Matilda" often mistaken as Australia's National Anthem is a song about a convict. The national anthem of Australia is Advance Australia Fair.
  • Boston, MA January 15, 1919, a flood of molasses killed 21 people. The flood was caused when a distillery tank ruptured.
  • Halifax, NS December 6, 1917, a massive explosion killed 2000 people. The explosion was caused by a collision of two ships.
  • To this day, no one is sure about the recipe used by Romans to create concrete.
  • To this day, no one is sure how Damascus steel was originally made.
  • πr2 = T
  • In World War II, the Canadian government was attempting to develop ships made from ice. This project was called Project Habakkuk.
  • In Eureka, Nevada, it is illegal for a mustachioed man to kiss women.
  • In Canada, a law mandates that margarine cannot be colored yellow.
  • Most red food contains the additive E120/Carmine. This coloring is dervrived form the shell of an insect called a cochineal. This makes the food brighter.
  • Jews are forbidden to eat rabbits, but Muslims are allowed to eat them.
  • Poinsettas are not highly toxic. While they can cause nausea and vomiting, they are not lethal. Additionally, poinsettas are a tropical plant and do not naturally have red leaves and are weedy in appearance. Cultivation practices have led them to become what they are known for today. And until 1990, there was only one company that produced this plant.
  • The Aztec Sun Stone is mistakenly though to be the Mayan Calendar. The Aztec Sun Stone might not even be a calendar, but rather a part of an altar stone or basin upon which gladiatorial sacrifices were conducted upon. There is little evidence to suggest that the sculpture is a calendar.
Do you know a piece of trivia that is fake? Or maybe you know for a fact about something? Feel free to say something in the responses.


Writer's Block: No More

Well, isn't this nice?


Summed up though, LJ decided to drop the Writer's Block program. Perhaps it was because an issue of QC in regards to questions? I mean, how could forget the time where the question was (and this is paraphrased) "Which Harry Potter character would you bang and why?"

I also think most people who posted Writer's Block answers didn't really understand them. Many questions were of the "yes/no" variety. And a good number of individuals gave a one word answer and left it at that. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Writer's Block was to inspire users to write something; to expound on the question and let loose the words bottled up.

But I also though that many of the questions were shallow and unless you kept up-to-date on celebrity news, many questions were pointless. But not as pointless as "If you could be any flavor pie, what flavor would you be?"

Overall, I think the decision is kind of detrimental. Some people only really did Writer's Block stuff. Killing that would be akin to chopping off an arm when it comes to traffic encouragement. But oh well, those crazy Russians probably did it so they could keep dissent about Putin under wraps.

But now there's even less reason for me to write. SOmetimes I did response, at least to meaningful ones. And sometimes I did read random answers.

Writer's Block: State of the Union

Who do you think would make a great U.S. president?
Anyone who meets the constitutional requirements and ISN'T running.

Yes, I said ISN'T.

People who seek power never should have it. Those who never seek it are the best to lead.

Writer's Block: Occupied

Have you participated in Occupy Wall Street? Why or why not?

I have had my own issues with impotent rage. Why would I need to participate in mass impotent rage?

And isn't this writer's block three months past date?

Writer's Block: Musically inclined

Do you play a musical instrument? For how long?
I'm quite the virtuoso on the skin flute.
Do you think there will ever be world peace?
The nature of life is struggle, and being a nihilist, world peace is only achievable when everything is dead.

Man in a funny creature, even in a utopian society, he wants what his neighbor has. He will pine, for what he has not. Steal and cheat if the mood suits him. Kill if it's necessary. There is no way you can separate materialism from man now or ever. Sure there are a few enlightened who can remove greed from their life, but the majority of people are unable to do so, and will continue to lie, cheat, and do all sorts of things which are not peaceful.

And anyone who does not realize this is a fool.
What do you like most about LiveJournal?
1.) Barely anyone who reads/writes English use it anymore, so I don't have to worry about pissing people off as much.

2.) Spammy messages are in Cyrillic, so I don't need to read those things and ponder them. Cyrillic messages = automatic deletion

3.) When a questionable Writer's Block proves that LJ has absolutely NO quality control. Espeically ones that elude to pedophilia and Harry Potter/Twilight. Those are hilarious! even more when they change the question after catching it and people have unrelated answers to a new Writer's Block.