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Guma Kawauso's Paw Prints

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing.

Guma Kawauso
Congrats! You actually read bios! Sorry, nothing juicy here. But I do have the following disclaimer: Information in my journal is the truth as I see it. As such the actual truth may or may not be what I wrote about and observe. You have the right to attempt to correct me on possible mistakes and errors, and I have the right to refuse to correct myself if I believe you are in the wrong. I cannot be held responsible for any drama you experience in the reading of my work. I do no write about butterflies and rainbows. If it is beyond your power to be civil in my journal, please feel free to leave, and do so quietly.

For those interested, Guma Kawauso is Japanese for "Bear" and "River Otter." I'm quite fascinated by both creatures as well as Japanese culture. Plus they fit pretty well together.

If you wish to use my material somewhere, especially voice posts, please ask me before using them.

otters are mammal love

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